Various Uses of Transactional SMS In Daily Life

Technology plays a very important role in making our lives simpler and easier. Earlier it was very difficult to connect or inform the other person due to the lack of technology. The advent of various technological developments has made us dependent on technology. Every company is now using technology to inform its customers; promote their products, launch products and so on. For this purpose, SMS marketing is at its top. This is the best tool that is used to deliver important information to the bulk of people. Connecting through the internet results in fewer responses and open rates.

Wegus is the best service provider in this SMS marketing and reaching the masses at a time. You can now send transactional SMS through this bulk SMS service. Transactional SMS is different than promotional messages. Promotional is used to promote or deliver promotional information whereas transactional is used to proceed with a transaction or to complete the transaction or to inform about a transaction. The uses of transactional SMS are required in almost all sectors. They have used this tool to connect with the various customers involve in different transactions. The study has produced results that the response of an E-mail is much slower than the SMS response.

Most of the customers want companies or banks etc to message them about the various alerts, reminders, etc to provide them with better user experience. Transactional SMS should be timely received and is relevant to the customers. There are many ways in which these SMS’s are being used:

  • Account alerts: Various transactional SMS are used to inform the customers relating to any account opening, verification, etc. This can be used when any customer login to their account or register themselves for anything.
  • Delivery notifications: Everyone wants to get important information relating to their order delivery, pickup or shipment, etc. So many companies or e-commerce companies are using transactional SMS to inform their customers regarding this information. These are common messages that we receive in our daily routine whenever we order online or whenever something is going to be delivered to us.
  • Confirmation of order: Transactional SMS can be sent to inform the customer regarding their order confirmation. It is used in many hospitality services, delivery services, and e-commerce services. Order placed, order confirmed, etc information is received through SMS.
  • As alert messages: Most of the people do not reply to unknown numbers and unknown mails. They also did not reply to the SMS but they read the SMS’s received and get to know about the important information. Alert messages like offers, last day of registering, etc can be sent to the customers.
  • OTP receiving: Most of the OTP notifications are being received through SMS only. They are the fastest and easiest way to inform any person. It is less prone to other unavailability factors. So transactional bulk SMS can be delivered to the customers through Wegus. So, now contact them to receive the best services and better client experience.
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