What Is Mental Health and Why Is It Important?

Mental health refers your psychological, emotional and social well-being. In simple terms, it is the way people think, feel and act. It also refers to people’s ability to take stress, make choices etc. At each age group, it is an important factor necessary to understand how a person is progressing in life. People facing issues related to their mental health do not appear normal like other people. The reason for change in the mental health can be due to biological reasons, experiences of abuse or trauma and even hereditary problems. People suffering from such problems often have to visit mental health rehabilitation center which can be an effective way of treatment.

Why is good mental health needed?

If you have a positive mental health you can help yourself and your family.

  • You can lead a productive life and perform all your duties as a parent or family member
  • Being in the right mental health allows you to work with full concentration and thereby helps in utilizing your full potential
  • Life is stressful. But you can handle all kinds of stresses only if your mental health is normal. If the stress gets to you then you can perform effectively
  • As a member of the society you need to handle your responsibilities properly and make certain contributions to it. If you suffer from mental illness then you become a liability to the community itself.

Signs of mental illness

Sometime, however, it is possible that people suffer from mental illnesses and have to be taken to the best rehab centres. Here are some of the signs that can help you recognise mental illness:

  • Too much or too little sleep is an abnormal sign and the pattern should be studied.
  • Living in isolation and staying away from routine work
  • Lack of energy in day-to-day activities
  • New and unexplained bodily pains
  • A feeling of hopelessness and numbness
  • Indulging in taking drugs or smoking
  • Unnecessary and unexplained mood swings like being worried, confused, edgy, angry, upset etc
  • Breaking into family feuds and fights with friends
  • Being occupied by continuous thoughts or memories that seem to engulf the mind and prevent daily activities
  • Tendency to harm oneself or others
  • Hearing imaginary voices or conditions that are not true
  • No being able to do daily work like going to office or school

If you or anybody is suffering from such conditions then it is essential to get immediate help by consulting a doctor or psychiatrist. They can diagnose the situation and refer to the best rehab centres for help and treatment.

Here are some ways in which a good mental health can be maintained:

  • It is very important to speak with people and friends. It gives voice to the thoughts inside your head
  • Try and get professional help if you are feeling disturbed mentally
  • Keep a positive state of mind regarding everything
  • It is important to be physically active because it keeps the mind alert and healthy
  • Going out and helping others is very important
  • Sufficient sleep is very important for positive and healthy mind

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