Benefits Of Having A Sisal Flooring

Sisal is basically a natural fibre that is extracted from the leaves of the plant Agave. It is a succulent plant with long slender leaves from which the raw product is extracted sisal flooring. It is also a very popular product and there are many farms dedicated to it in many of the western countries. It is eco friendly and is also a sustainable resource with minimal cons. There are no pesticides, herbicides used in its harvest and hence it is completely natural.

The fibre that is extracted from the leaves can be used in its raw state either alone or blended with other materials to manufacture a much softer material. Many of these raw products are used in the industry to prepare ropes and twine as sisal is popular for its durability, strength, and flexibility. Moreover, it is resistant to getting damaged in the seawater that makes it ideal for use in ropes and twines for the marine industry. It is also beneficial for agricultural use and is spun into yarns that are good for traditional sisal flooring.

Why Opt For Sisal Flooring?

Sisal is a natural material that is 100% safe and biodegradable. Moreover, it has good flexibility, durability, and strength that make it one of the toughest natural plant fibre. It hardly produces any static electricity when used as flooring and is also non-allergic.

Besides this sisal flooring helps to absorb the humidity in the atmosphere thus keeping the environment of the living space calm and cool. So places that have machines working there are the best suited for its instalment like office areas, living room, etc. moreover the flooring is resistant to wear and tear and does not attract any dirt. 

Sisal also has enough strength which means that it can be used in the high traffic areas for example in the hallways and staircases. The material is malleable enough and can be woven into slender, decorative products. Moreover, the sisal carpets are also capable of being cut and made into rugs and runners.

There are certain myths about sisal being dry and irregular which is true to some extent. Since sisal as a plant has certain irregularities and is hard to touch so when it is woven into carpets and flooring, it possesses those irregularities but they tend to be attractive and appealing for the onlookers.

The flooring gives an aesthetic sense to the visitors and the rugged appearance gives a sophisticated look to the living space. And since the flooring is resistant to wear and tear it can be used in the high traffic areas at home like the living room, office area, etc. Whatever might be the number of visitors coming, the flooring will never be too dull to look at.

It is resistant to stains and damage. However, it must always be kept in mind that since sisal is a good absorbent, if the water is spilt onto it then it might absorb water like a sponge and remain damp due to it. 

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