Car Breakdown: The most common causes

Car Breakdown is a very convenient mode of transportation and at the same time, they also keep your inner enthusiast happy in case you want to go on long drives, etc. Cars need regular maintenance so it must be serviced and repaired regularly to get the best out of it. But no matter how carefully you maintain your cars some problems still occur which are unavoidable and needs to be repaired right away. You do not need to worry as there are various car services in Bangalore which have well-trained experts that can fix your car in no time. Pitstop is among the best car service available in Bangalore.

Despite regular servicing, there are still some problems that may affect your car and it may need to be repaired immediately. Some of the major causes of breakdown are highlighted below:

  • Starter Motor Issue

In this case, the engine makes a screeching sound when you try to start the car. It may also because of battery issue but the majority of the time it is because of the faulty starter motor. This issue can be faced in any car whether it has clocked 40,000 km or 2,00,000 km. There is not a fixed interval when this problem occurs in a car.

  • Battery Issue

One of the most common causes is the issue in the car’s battery. It may be caused by leaving the car lights on for a long time, leading to its drainage or; there may a short circuit. There may also be a case when the battery has drained that causes a flat battery and it can be recharged. Whenever a car faces a battery issue it gets very difficult to start the car so it is very important to get it rectified immediately.

  • Clutch Damage

Mostly this problem occurs in Manual cars as the clutch condition depends upon how the driver is driving the car. Many times drivers keep their foot resting on the clutch which engages it partially, this is called riding the clutch and it causes premature wear on the disc and flywheel. This problem can be rectified by resting the foot away from the pedal when the clutch is not being used. If the problem persists then you should get it checked by an expert right away. The best option is to get the clutch examined and lubricated at regular intervals.

  • Head Gasket Issue

The most common indicator of this is high engine temperature which is displayed on the instrument cluster of the car. As soon as you notice this while driving the car, you must stop the car immediately and wait for the temperature to get back to normal. If the problem occurs again as soon as you start driving then stop the car and call for tow service and take it to the service centre.

These were some most prominent causes of breakdown in the car. But you don’t need to worry as all these can be rectified by an expert. Car service booking in Bangalore is very esy.

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