How to Make Live Virtual Events More Interactive?

UAE was considered the center of social events and socialization just a month ago. However, the pandemic of COVID-19 has put a halt to life across the globe. The young population who loved socialization is now confined to the boundaries of their home. It is necessary for their own wellbeing and safety, but it is also causing frustration and depression among them.

Virtual events are one of the most suitable option of staying connected while being safe. The technology has enabled the human beings to accomplish most of the task without stepping out of homes. So, now is the time to make use of it and contribute to the safety of the whole society.

This article aims to shed light on making the virtual event more interactive and meaningful for the love audience.

Top 6 Tips to Keep Participants Engaged in Live Virtual Events

Coronavirus has forced human beings to not step out of their homes. They need a little distraction and healthy activities to stay engaged and productive in these difficult times. So, virtual events are a great opportunity of serving them and help them pass through this difficult time with courage, patience and kindness.

The following are some of the most important tips to keep the participants of live virtual events engaged.

1.    Utilize Latest Technology

Finding a little hope and positivity in every situation is necessary for the survival of human beings. So, the virtual events are that ray of hope in this pandemic. Virtual events are significantly different from the routine life live events and the technology is the key of it.

So, ensuring the utilization of best and latest technology is essential to keep the participants safe from nay connection issues. Technology, generally, is quite important for events. Most of the organizers acquire the services of event companies in Abu Dhabi to ensure the use of latest and most suitable technology for the success of their events.

2.    Work on Your Props

Most probably, you will be conducting a virtual event from the comfort of your home. It may no longer be a comfort, because you will have limited opportunities and essentials. For example, if you are conducting a virtual event about fitness, you may not be able to use necessary equipment.

Still, you need to remember that virtual events do not have borders. Your live audience may belong to a vast range of countries and you should not give a wrong or disappointing message to them. So, work on your props and make use of alternative options to keep the interest of people.

3.    Take Pauses to Invite More People

One of the most important tips of making the live virtual events more interactive for the participants is to take pauses to invite more and more people. Just like the normal routine events, you should prepare for the virtual events beforehand as well.

You should promote your event through social media and motivate more and more people to join you at the given time. Some people may join in the mid of the event, so take a pause and welcome them. Do not hesitate to provide them a little overview of what is going on in event.

4.    Include Polls

Another important tip of making the live virtual events more interactive and engaging for the attendees is to include the polls. You can keep two options as the agenda of the event. Then, ask the participants about their choice and preferences through the poll and proceed accordingly.

You can arrange the poll before the event and during it as well. Moreover, do not forget to include it at the end to know the feedback of the participants.

5.    Hold A Q/A Session

One of the most suitable tip of making the live virtual events more interactive for the participants is to hold the question answer session. There are two ways of including the question answer session in your live events. One is during the event and the second is at the end of the event.

There is another way which can prove more effective and interactive as well. Conduct a live event and share the information with the participants. Then go live again, let people ask the questions, and resolve their queries.

6.    Connect with Inspirational Speakers

The last tip of ensuring an interactive experience for the participants of your live virtual event is to connect with the inspiration speaker. Such personalities know the way to the heart of people and can provide them significant support and motivation.

You can acquire the services of event companies in Abu Dhabi to connect with the inspiration speakers. You can ensure to provide a platform to them and spread love and positivity during this tough time of human history.

Stay connected but stay home!

This is the most needed plan in this crucial time, so utilize this opportunity to create awareness among the public from your home. Spread love and positivity and do not hesitate to seek the help of professionals to achieve your goal.

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