Truth About Ear Infections:7 Facts That Every Parent Should Be Aware Of

Most of the children suffer from ear infections in their childhood. There could be many factors that cause ear infections; however bacterial and viral infections and allergies are the most common reasons for an ear infection. If there is inflammation in the nasal cavity, then it could result in the fluid getting locked behind the eardrum. In the past few years, there has been a transformation to the way these ear infections are diagnosed and then treated.

However, there are some clarifications of common myths about ear infections that every parent should know. These are:

  • Every ear pain might not be an emergency: As a parent, managing ear pain should be the primary goal until your pediatric is available. It is better to visit a doctor who knows your baby and family as he or she would be able to diagnose better and has a higher chance to advise the correct therapy. Butin caseyou need to visit an emergency room, ensure that the doctor is experienced in children’s healthcare.
  • All ear infections don’t cause fever: Various studies show different percentages regarding ear infections that also cause fever. The best hospital in Ahmedabad suggests that mostly, in 1-2 out of 3 cases of an ear infection, a fever also appears. However, that also means that many kids who have ear infections won’t necessarily have a fever.
  • There are no clear signs of an ear infection: Your child could pull their ears for various reasons – it could be teething or simply self-soothing. Also, not all ear pain is due to bacterial infection and accompanies a fever. Because of these reasons, it’s common for most of the parents to have false alarms regarding ear pain and might immediately rush to an ENT specialist without a proper diagnosis. At times, only when a child gets an ear infection at least a few times, would the symptoms become more obvious.
  • All ear infections can’t be treated by antibiotics:Though antibiotics are a common treatment for all kinds of infections, it is not necessary that your doctor recommends it for your child’s ear infection. As per the guidelines from theAmerican Association of Family Physicians and the American Academy of Pediatrics suggest that an observation period should be followed for about 48 to 72 hours depending on the child’s age, the appropriate diagnosis, and also according to the severity of the problem. You should relieve your child’s symptoms first and then consult your doctor if the symptoms get worse. After the observation period is over, then antibiotics might be prescribed, in case needed.
  • Swimming should be avoided if a child has an ear infection: This is a myth and there is no reason that swimming should be avoided in case of an ear infection. You should only stay away from water if the eardrum has shattered the area where the ear infection is situated. Or if your child feels any discomfort or pain while in water,then they could just play in the shallow end and avoid going inside the water.
  • Tubes are not a substitute for antibiotics: In many cases of childhood ear infection, kids get tubes put in the ears.This is the most common outpatient surgery that is performed on children. These tubes help the Eustachian tube present inside the ear that is responsible for allowing fluid to drain appropriately. In case the Eustachian tube is not open — as children have smaller Eustachian tubes— the fluid gets pooled and could become infected. Children could also have this surgery if they have had an ear infection or multiple infections in the eargoing over three months.
  • Sending your child out in the wind or in water causes ear infections: Most ofthe ear infections are located behind the eardrum, which is way back inside the inner ear. Any external exposure to wind or water doesn’t affect that area.

Nearly every child would have had an ear infection at least once in their childhood. You must visit the best ENT hospital in India and take advice and support from an experienced medical team for timely treatment. 

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