Use Spotify in Bangladesh With This Simple Trick

Whether it is contemporary or folk music, traditional or western tunes, music has a special place in Bangladeshi culture online Bangla song. If you also love music, then Spotify is a great online music streaming application that you can try out.

In addition to Spotify, there is other music streaming services as well. For instance, YouTube is quite famous for listening to Bangladeshi songs and other music from around the world. However, YouTube is known to consume a lot of mobile or Wi-Fi data. Some of the local service providers in Bangladesh, like Robi and Grameenphone, have also initiated the concept of providing access to online music on the go. However, the applications still need a lot of improvement.

In such a scenario, Spotify serves to be a one-stop solution for browsing through and listening to the music of your choice. While Spotify is not officially supported in Bangladesh, you can use a bit of tip & trick to use Spotify in Bangladesh and make the most of your favourite online Bangla song.

How to Use Spotify in Bangladesh?

Are you craving to listen to your favorite Bangla new song MP3? With a few simple steps, you can easily access Spotify and enjoy your Bangla song streaming services.

  • Download Some VPN Application: Because Bangladesh does not support Spotify officially, you are required to make your smartphone believe that it is operating in the United States of America. For ensuring the same, you are required to make use of the VPN feature. Some of the most reliable options for a VPN service provider in Bangladesh are Opera VPN and TunnelBear.
  • Download Spotify: In Bangladesh, you cannot directly download the Spotify application from the Google Play Store of your smartphone. You would thus require a third-party service provider. You will come across a series of links. You can go forward with the option of On this website, you can select the most recent version of Spotify apk. It is recommended not to download the APKs for Beta or Android TV.
  • Install Spotify: Head over to the setting section of your phone. Keep scrolling down until you come across the option of “Unknown Sources.” Tap on the same and advance to the apk file that has been downloaded recently. Select the option “install.” Once the installation process is complete, you can select “Done.”
  • Sign Up: Here, you are required to make use of the VPN setting. Open the respective VPN app and activate the same. Ensure that you are choosing your location as UK or USA. Once the VPN becomes active, you can launch the respective web browser and advance to Tap on the option “Get Spotify for free.” Complete the sign-up process using your email ID.

Upon signing up, you can use the credentials to log in to the app and enjoy your music streaming experience.

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