Things You Need To Know Before Visiting A Chiropractor

A chiropractor is health practitioners who will help you to restore spine and joint pain by using various hands-on techniques rather than giving you medical subscriptions. The procedure is based on the theory that your body will be able to heal itself without the need of surgery or medications. Joint manipulation or adjustments will help in restoring mobility and in treating stiffened joints. If you are looking for pain relief in your joints and muscles, you can consider visiting Chronic care in Charlottesville.

But before you visit a chiropath, there are a few things that you should know in advance so that nothing comes as a surprise to you.

Are they licensed?

Medicare in every state or city is different. This means that your state might have different requirements for a chiropractor as compared to some other state. So do your homework and figure out what license is required for a normal physiotherapist to be qualified as a chiro practitioner. Have they attended the required tenure of schooling? Did they complete their internship? They must meet the yearly education requirements in order to retain their license.

They will conduct a physical examination

Before the doctor starts your treatment, it is necessary that they conduct a physical examination. They will review your overall medical history and curate the right kind of treatment plan for you. This plan will be able to treat you appropriately. The physical examination will help the doctor to determine any areas that require immediate attention. He will also be able to reach the root cause of the problem.

No painkillers or muscle relaxants

Don’t visit the chiropractor with the expectation that he will prescribe you any medications for instant relief or cure. The whole idea of chiropractic treatments is based on the ideology of getting to the resolution without getting the aid of medicines. Your doctor might include items such as ice packs or electrical stimulation as part of your treatment. But it is highly unlikely that he may prescribe any medicines, especially painkillers.


He might suggest exercise

After your physical examination, your doctor will determine the main areas of concern. If you have back pain or neck pain, your doctor might advise you to indulge in physical exercise. This is because exercise will reduce the stiffness in the muscles and help them to function better. He will suggest a specific way to do your exercise so that the pain does not get worse and fast recovery is assured.

Your chiropractor will focus on understanding the underlying issue behind the pain. If the pain is caused by an acute problem that needs immediate attention then he will prepare a treatment accordingly. Whether it is a nerve that is causing the pain or it is the wear and tear or muscles, the doctor will come to the conclusion and help you accordingly. He will study the behaviour of the pain. The doctor might also ask you to make ergometric changes in your lifestyle. If your pillow, does or work set up is causing pain in a specific area then the doctor will ask you to make lifestyle changes accordingly.

One more thing you need to keep in mind is that there is no specific time frame as per which you might start to feel better. You might even start feeling better overnight or it may take months (depending on how severe your problem is) your doctor will restore you in the safest and most effective way as possible. The key is to have patience and communicate effectively. You need to be clear about what you expect from the treatment and what are your specific concerns. This will give your doctor the clarity to plan your treatment in the best way.


Whether you are looking for Sciatica treatment in Charlottesville, VA or you have extreme back pain, a well experienced and reliable chiropractor such as Lynch Chronic Pain Solutions will help you to restore your physical health.

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