Why Are Conveyance And Soliciting Services  Becoming Popular In Australia?

Conveyancing lawyer offers vital assistance for all legal matters pertaining to real estate. The buying or selling of a property requires several legal activities including documentation and many other activities Soliciting Services. It is vital to have the legal matters of any type of real estate transaction handled by the right people to avoid mistakes; since any mistake means a great deal of stress beside a financial burden. Conveyancing is all about the law that is to do with the preparation of all legal documentation during the transfer of ownership of a property. A conveyancer is a legal professional who has a special license to assist a person during the transfer of property. They have the necessary expertise and training to make sure it takes place smoothly.

Real estate is a very wide topic with plenty of legal issues to deal with. The legal issues arising from transaction of a property are best left to the expert lawyers to handle. This article explains the difference between a conveyance lawyer and a solicitor and the benefits of hiring a conveyancing solicitor in Sydney.

Conveyance Lawyer

A conveyance lawyer specializes in law pertaining to a property where it is essential to have a tertiary level education on “Real Property” law. Besides education, it is also essential for one to have 2 years of practical experience under expert supervision. In order to provide services as a conveyancing lawyer, it is essential to be licensed by the appropriate authority.

The scope of a conveyancing lawyer helps their client enforce their rights in the case of a property transaction. Some of the common tasks carried out by them include:

  • Preparation and clarification of documents prior to submission.
  • Perform necessary research on the property and obtain necessary certification.
  • Utilize a trust account to deposit the money.
  • Calculate the necessary adjustments for taxes.
  • As your lawyer, they will represent you and act in your interest when dealing with the vendors.
  • Take up the tough task of property settlement.
  • Any litigation necessary for the property transaction is beyond the scope of a conveyance lawyer.


A solicitor is members of the legal community who can practice Soliciting Services areas of law including conveyance. In fact, in case of a major dispute where litigation is necessary, a conveyance lawyer cannot handle this task. It is necessary for a solicitor to handle the litigation process. A solicitor may require the help of licensed conveyance for the conveyancing transaction. The solicitor may not need to have a special degree for conveyancing however, they do require 6 months of study on the law pertaining to “Real Property”.  Unlike a conveyancing lawyer, a solicitor will not usually be available in a suburb; they would have an office in the CBD instead.

Benefits of Opting for a Conveyancing Lawyer

A licensed conveyancer specializes in real estate transactions and helps with the necessary legal documentation and paper world. One of the major benefits of opting for a conveyancer over a solicitor is that it may be more economical as well as Soliciting Services. Those dealing with property transactions for the first time may not have the expertise to navigate their way through the deal. A conveyancing lawyer has the expertise to handle finer details of any property transaction.

A conveyancing lawyer is likely to be more accessible and someone who is easier to arrange a face to face meeting with and answers your questions. They have a greater knowledge of this field which often works to the advantage of the clients. They tend to offer a more personal touch and take the time to understand what you have to say and provide an appropriate solution. If you are looking for a commercial lawyer in Parramatta, make sure you get in touch with Eden King.

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