Celebrate Birthday At Home With Family And Delicious Birthday Cakes

If you are with your family then every day is special. Birthdays are always special in every way. Birthday Cakes becomes exciting when you are with your friends. But sparkles add in the birthday when you are with your family. Because your family will whatever do. It will only for your happiness. Because for them your happiness matters more than anything. So today I am going to share some amazing birthdays ideas. You without going outside, you can celebrate a birthday with your family. So let’s start the hunt of ideas.


In every home this type of light is available. So use these lights in the décor. Through this light, you can make a sparkling night theme. In every home candles are available. So use the candles in décor. Then Birthday Cakes balloons are easily available everywhere. Decorate with balloons. You can use a black and white combination. If you want you can use black and red, white and red. There are lots of combinations. Blue and white, and pink and white are also so much trending. It depends on your birthday boy and girl likes. There are lots of colourful decoration bulbs are also available. You can use them also. Use some diyas also, it will look so beautiful. Not earthen lamp, I am talking about wax diyas.  This addition will give your decoration an authentic look. 

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cakes

Birthday cake is the most important ingredient of any birthday recipe. I know it sounds so weird. But you know that I am saying right. Without a happy birthday cake, a birthday can’t be a happy birthday. So be more careful about the birthday cake. If you are looking for something new in the cake. I mean a new variety of birthday cakes. Then you should try Bloomsvilla. Because they are too good at order cakes online in Delhi, flowers, and gifts. Their delivery timing is too good. So you can order the cake from Bloomsvilla.


Birthday is all about none stop fun, party, gifts, music, and tasty food. So if you want you can make your dearest favourite food at home. If you want you can order. But if you will make from your efforts. It will be very special for your birthday boy or girl. As a birthday boy or girl what I want on my Birthday Cakes, more than mom’s food.  So make all his or her favourite recipes.

Fun, Music and Dance

Every family time is incomplete without dance. In fact, the birthday is incomplete without dance and music. Arrange the favourite music and mind-blowing speaker. Use disco bulbs and break the floor with your move. Play lots of games with the family. Like dumb charades, truth and dare, music chair, mimicry of each other and many more. Dance the whole family together. You can do karaoke night also. It will so much fun. You can play some childhood games. You can play a painting game. In painting games, through drawing, you have to understand the word. 

In music, you can play some jazz, some retro songs, some new songs, etc. Because in the family every age people live together. So music should be lovable for everyone.

Gift Time 

If you talk about the gift. I can say, every birthday boy or girl has so much expectation from family. So you can gift, anything that your birthday boy or girl desires for a long time.  If you want you can gift handmade cards. It will be an emotional gift for anyone. You can write your feelings on the card. You can gift a beautiful bouquet of flowers. I am giving an amazing idea of a gift and also send flowers to Kolkata.  Take a sheet and watercolour paint, that we use for painting. All the family members imprint your hands on the sheet. Then leave it for dry, and after getting dry frame it and gift it. This will be the best gift for your birthday boy or girl. None of the gifts can match the level of this gift. Through these hand imprint, whole family members are in one frame. What, anybody wants more than it on the birthday.

Gift Time

I have given you a full rocking birthday party menu. In fact, with menu ingredients and the recipe is also available. So use it and do lots of fun together.

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