What is blue light?

Can you see the sky above in blue colour? This is because the Blue light is what makes it appear blue in colour. We know that there are seven colours that form part of the light.  You might have seen them through prism during your childhood in science experiments. Blue light is one of the parts of the light itself. 

Blue light has a shorter wavelength in the visible spectrum and therefore, it is visible to the eyes.  This incredible quality of blue light makes it unique because of its visibility to the naked eyes.  One of the natural sources of blue light is the sun. When sunlight is scattered to the earth, it also brings blue light on the surface of the earth.

The amount of blue light present in the sunlight is suitable for the human body and is not harmful. This is because the presence of blue light helps in the secretion and regulating the Melatonin hormone of the body. This hormone is responsible to maintain the sleeping cycle in humans. When it is day-time, the presence of blue light keeps us awake. Similarly, after sun-set and in the dark, when there is an absence of blue light, the Melatonin hormone helps to induce us to sleep. This way the blue light is helpful for maintaining the circadian rhythm i.e. the sleeping and awake cycle of the human body.

However, when the sun goes down, we still get to access the blue light in our surroundings through LED lights, fluorescent lights, digital devices etc.  Therefore, it has become impossible for us to escape the blue light. Even at our homes, the presence of LED bulbs reflects blue light. Hence, our body assumes that it is day time and the reaction of Melatonin hormone keeps us awake. This is the reason why many of us complain of sleeplessness, insomnia, difficulty to sleep sound, etc.

How blue light is harmful?

The excessive and extended use of blue light is harmful, that is to say, there are many ill effects of blue light on the human body.  Of course, apart from the sleeping disorder, there are other side-effects too due to the exposure of blue light.

We all are equipped with digital devices like computer, laptop, tablets, smartphones, iPad, etc. throughout the day and night for work, entertainment and other daily tasks. These are one of the culprits who reflects blue light to an extent that it is harmful. These screen devices when used for extended hours such as at work where we get to expose ourselves to these blue light reflecting devices for 8 to 10 hours on an average, we are bound to be affected by them.

Blue light from digital screen devices is extremely harmful to our eyes. The sensitive natural lens of the eye is unable to filter or block the blue light rays from entering the eyes. Once blue light enters the eyes, it reaches the retina and causes severe eye health issues which include digital eye-stress, pain, weakness, redness, retinal damage. Sometimes, the muscles of the eyes are strained enough to cause headache or what is known as digital migraine. These issues are faced by computer and mobile users world-wide.

How can blue light filter glasses prevent blue light effects?

The blue light filter glasses consist of an advanced coating on the surface of the lenses, which is strong enough to block the blue light from passing through. Thereby, the blue light fails to enter the eyes and prevents the occurrence of damage. Blue light filter glasses are also called computer glasses, blue light blocker glasses, blue light glasses and anti-blue light glasses.

When you use blue light filter glasses especially while viewing computer, smartphone or TV, then the blue light fails to enter the eyes. This way you will not feel the symptoms as mentioned above. In fact, you are able to work for long hours on digital devices without facing any eye-strain or headache.

Can I buy glasses online with prescription eyeglasses having a blue light filter lens?

Nowadays, several eyewear manufacturers produce blue light filter glasses throughout the world. However, you must always look for the blue light filter glasses that can combat 99.99%  of blue light from entering the eyes. Specscart manufactures blue light glasses that not only consist of anti-blue light shield but also anti-UV and anti-glare protection to provide complete protection from the digital devices.

Digital devices reflect glares and while working you might have experienced the formation of reflections on the glasses which disturbs your vision. Therefore, in order to provide total protection, Specscart’s blue light glasses come with the protection of blue light as well as glare. The outer and inner surface prevents the glares from disturbing the vision whereas the X blue light technology is used on the lenses to block the harmful blue light.

Apart from this, you can also customise your prescription eyeglasses with the blue light technology. When you buy any glasses online from the attractive collection of Specscart, including non-prescription and prescription eyeglasses, opt for an anti-blue light filter on the lenses while placing your order. You will get tailor-made glasses delivered to your doorstep within 24 hours.

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