Do steam straightener damage your hair?

Having perfectly smooth, a frizz-free hair straightener is the desire of many women with curly, wavy, or simply unwieldy hair. To achieve this, we have several options, from temporary ones, which consist of straightening our hair every time we wash them based on dryers and irons, or other more permanent solutions that promise that we will forget to spend hours stuck to a dryer for a season more or less long.

Among the latter, there are several options, some more durable than others, although, none of them really becomes permanent, because to prolong the result, the treatment must be repeated less or more frequently. When choosing, keep in mind the technical specifications and think about what you expect from a hair straightener. Read the reviews and pay attention that the best hair straightener not only has a beautiful design but above all, is of quality.

If your hair straightener has narrow and long plates, you can also get corkscrews with it, while if it is short and wide, you will get a classic straightening of hair faster. Do you have healthy or damaged hair? For healthy hair practically any flat ironworks. For damaged hair, steam or ionizer and ultrasound technology will be better.


Ceramic, titanium or Teflon hair straightener? 

Each surface has different advantages. Avoid a curved, metallic surface, as there is an increased risk of burning yourself. The ceramic heat up well and evenly. Titanium, meanwhile, is strong. Teflon plates (which don’t burn hair) are fine too, and perhaps a surface with a combination of various materials that complement each other is best. For example, tourmaline is often added to reduce static electricity.

While normal hair straighteners have to be run a few times through curly, frizzy, thick and stronger hair, the force of the steam reduces the ironing time. You can use the force of steam also to apply nutrients. The most common is that, with steam irons, you can apply products with keratin. For this type of iron, you have at your disposal the range of Steampod products and Pro-Keratin technology, which regenerate hair together. 

Are Steam Irons Bad for Hair?

Are Steam Irons Bad for Hair?

Basically, there is no case where we can that steam iron damages your hair because mostly it has been seen that they are beneficial for human hair. Or if there is a special case where steam iron straightener is damaging your hair then usually, there are protective sprays (they harm the hair the least) or creams and oils that you can apply to the detangled hair not only before ironing it but also before curling it or in case you use the dryer frequently. Even it is observed that steam irons are good for damaged hair because they can provide nutrition to your hair. Apart from protecting it, they also help you fix the final hairstyle well, as well as smoothing and brightening. But you don’t have to be careless because using an electronic product on one of the elegant and soft parts of your body is still needs care and attention. So, use a hair straightener on your hair carefully and you will get perfectly straight hair. For more information click hair and learn more.

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